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The resources and lesson enhancements available will be teacher driven! Content will be divided into Ag Science I, Ag Science II, and then the six pathways: Ag Econ/Business, Ag Mechanics, Animal Science, Food Science, Plant Science, and Natural Resources.

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  • Assessments/Evaluations
  • Teaching Calendars/Unit Plans
  • Videos
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Activity guides
  • Project descriptions & rubric


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Virtual Learning Guidance

Agriculture Industry/Commodity Groups Virtual Resources

General Classroom Materials

Exploring Agriculture

Intro to Agriculture

Food Science

Ag Systems Technology

Overall Enhancements

MDC Hunter Education

016710 Agricultural Science I

Classroom Materials

Career in Agriculture

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

History and operations of FFA and Ag Ed

Leadership Skills

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

SAE Program

Financial Records

Animal Industry (impact, types, management)

Animal Digestion and Reproduction

Hand and Power Tools

016760 Agricultural Science II

Classroom Materials

Qualities, Attributes, Skills for AFNR Career Development

Leadership Skills (communication, problem solving, decision-making)

SAE Program and Record Keeping Evaluation

Plant Science (importance, growth, function, development)

Soil Science (importance, function, development)

Crop Science


Fruit and Vegetable Production

Natural Resources/Environmental Systems (principles & techniques)

Welding and Metal Cutting

Virtual SAE and FFA Resources


FFA Student Handbook

Show-Me Summit Virtual Leadership Experience

Life Knowledge 7-9

Life Knowledge (10-12)

Career Exploration/SAE

FFA Officer Wanted Poster

VA-2 State Report Google Form

VA-3 State Report Google Form

FFA Opening/Closing Ceremony parts for Historian, Parliamentarian, and Chaplin

Agriculture Business & Management Systems

Google Docs Version

016730 Agricultural Management & Economics

016741 Agricultural Sales & Marketing

016742 Agricultural Communications

  • Legitimacy of Resources (plagiarism, sensationalism, relevancy)
  • Researching a Topic (methods on gathering & analyzing)
  • Agricultural Issues
  • Personal & Social Skills
  • Effective Leaderships traits and group dynamics/conflict resolution
  • Written Communication
  • Presentations using verbal & non-verbal communication
  • Business Plans
  • Multimedia Communication to target audience

016807 CASE Agricultural Business

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

Agricultural Mechanics & Technology Systems

016720 Agricultural Structures

016751/016752: Agricultural Power I & II

  • Relation between work, power, and torque
  • Motors: single cylinder, multi-cyclinder, 2 cycle, 4 cycle, and diesel motors.
  • Multi-cyclinder Power units: cooling, ignition, fuel, hydraulic, steering, intake/exhaust, compression, lubrication, injection, governor, electronic, electrical, comfort systems
  • Tools: measuring, analysis, parts, fasteners
  • Servicing: engines, powertrains, hydraulic, service manuals

016753 Agricultural Machinery

016770 Agricultural Construction

016806 CASE Ag Power & Technology

Plant Science/Horticulture Systems

016761 Crop Science

016763 Floriculture

016764 Landscaping

016765 Greenhouse Operation & Management

016766 Nursery Operation & Management

016767 Turf Management

016802 CASE Princ. of Ag Science - Plant

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

016803 CASE Animal & Plant Biotech

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

Food Science Systems

016790 Food Science & Technology

016805 CASE Food Science & Safety

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

Natural Resources Conservation Systems

MDC Nature Unbound Curriculum Resources

016759 Conservation of Natural Resources

016762 Forestry Management

  • Career opportunities
  • Missouri trees: characteristic, silvivs, uses. Types
  • Locating tracts of land
  • Estimate site index, diameter at breast height, tree height,  basal area, and standing timber.
  • Stand density, socking level, and grading trees
  • Selecting trees: factors to consider, planting, seeding
  • Site preparation methods
  • Pruning, deadening, cutting of trees
  • Windbreaks and natural regeneration
  • Forest management equipment: safety, handling, and maintenance
  • Forest resource protection: watershed, fires, insects/diseases, wildlife habitats, and recreation
  • Forest management plans

016804 CASE Natural Resources & Ecology

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

Animal Science Systems

016711 Animal Science

016743 Biotechnology

  • Biotechnology issues in agriculture
  • Biotechnology product: governmental agencies and patents
  • Scientific method
  • Laboratory procedures: safety and techniques
  • Cells: function reproduction, and genetics
  • Genetic modification
  • Biotech in animals: artificial insemination, embryo transfer, etc.
  • Biotech in plants: reproduction, genetic modification, etc.

016744 Equine Science

016745 Veterinary Science

016803 CASE Animal & Plant Biotech

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.

016801 CASE Princ. of Ag Science - Animal

Awaiting teacher submitted resources.